Tuesday, 18 April 2017

No Sex with Robots!

It seems that the Church of Scotland is about to take a bold step and declare that, given their current understanding of marriage and sexuality, (which may of course change or develop with time and further reflection), they do not think “the door should be open to marriage with robots."

Well, at least that is one moral absolute in the sexual realm that they seem to be settled on.  However, the Theological Forum in their Report for the forthcoming General Assembly do think that homosexual marriage is O.K. and continuing their revisionist trajectory they want their ministers to be free to officiate at gay marriage ceremonies.

The Forum will also “invite the Church to take stock of its history of discrimination at different levels and in different ways against gay people and to apologise individually and corporately and seek to do better.”  If this is accepted, as inevitably it will be, does this mean that churches that have disciplined members for homosexual activity will need to redress this gross injustice by apologising to those individuals and indeed, apologising to the GLBT etc. community at large?  Or, does it mean that the wicked elders and ministers who initiated such discipline are to apologise individually for their uncaring attitudes and actions to those who have been disciplined ?

Who knows, perhaps the Church of Scotland will produce a special liturgy of repentance for sins against homosexual activists, with special corporate prayers to express collective guilt for being so literal in our interpretation of Scripture and our unthinking commitment to 2000 years of Christian ethical practice.

The Report gives the normal theological double talk about Liberals being truly committed to the authority of Scripture, but not in the narrow sense of the words of Scripture, but in the more enlightened sense of the Word behind the words and the new liberating understanding of Christ the living Word who would, of course, not approve of a narrow and censorious reading of the mind of God expressed in the Bible.

The Report speaks of the fact that the Theological Forum “continues to work within the perspective of “Constrained Difference” which seeks for an area of allowable disagreement within the tradition of the Church as a whole while upholding the fundamental doctrines of the Church." I was only getting used to “reconciled diversity” and now they have gone and changed this to “constrained difference”. Does this mean that the reconciliation is now to be constrained?

What is clear is that when this passes at G.A. any professed evangelical still remaining within the Church of Scotland who chooses to embrace “reconciled diversity” or “constrained difference” will have finally ceased to have any moral integrity and have forfeited the right to call themselves “evangelical”.

It would be too tedious to go through this sad Report; it did not take a prophet’s insight to predict that having embraced homosexual marriage as a fact in its ministers and office-bearers the Kirk would move to theologically underpin such apostasy and legislate for its advancement.

I should also add that I was not being facetious and making up the robots quote – read it for yourself! The full Report is available here:

Monday, 10 April 2017

No Sex with Robots! Temporarily Withdrawn.

No Sex with Robots!

Blog post temporarily removed until 20 April.

The Church of Scotland published the Theological Forum Report for the 2017 G.A. on their website.  There was no note of any embargo until the 20th April; it was to be assumed that as it had been openly published it was in the public domain.

However, I have now heard that they had not intended the Report to be  available until the 20th April.  (They have now removed the Report from their website.) I am happy to respect their wishes and will republish the blog post on 20th April.

Robert M Walker