Thursday, 1 January 2015

Reading Galatians

Each year I like to choose a biblical book for special focus.  It is a number of years since I last focused on Galatians and more since I preached through this book. I used the standard commentaries in preparation, but I want to do something different this time.

READ GALATIANS – the text in English is around 3250 words.  At an average reading speed of about 250 wpm it takes about 13 minutes to read the entire text. The more we read it, the more we get to know it.

LISTEN TO GALATIANS – Read out loud the text of Galatians in about 19 minutes long.  I record it on my phone and can listen to it on demand. You can download it at:

Simply right-click the Listen button and save.

Alternatively, why not read the text out loud whenever you can.  (I tell my pupils that seeing and hearing are complementary methods of taking in information.  Try reading out loud text you have written – it is amazing how many errors you pick up that are not picked up be reading alone. )

Listening to Galatians twice a day will help you get a firm overview.  I even use a pillow speaker for these night-watch times when I am trying to get back to sleep. 

READ “DIFFERENT” COMMENTARIES – I have decided to stick to commentaries written by Scots that I have never previously read.  I will read each sequentially, completing one before moving on to the next.

Here are my chosen commentaries:

James Ferguson (1621 – 1667)   Ferguson was a Covenanter whose work was highly praised by his contemporaries.  It is highly devotional and applicatory.  Available at:

James Alexander Haldane (1768 – 1851)  James was brother of Robert Haldane, whose commentary on Romans is well known.  Among other things he was father of thirteen children!

John Brown (1784 –1858) The prince of Scottish expositors and the grandson of John Brown of Haddington.

I am not reading with a view to preaching, but purely for personal spiritual benefit.  May I recommend that you take a similar focus on a biblical book this year.

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