Monday, 11 May 2015

 Reaffirming the Doctrine of Scripture

“It is not strange that upon the Word of God all the forces of the foes of Christianity should be massed. If confidence in that Word can be undermined ; if, by subtlety and sophistry, its infallible inspiration may be made to appear like an old wives' fable or groundless tradition ; if in any way men may feel at liberty, like Jehudi, to use a penknife on the sacred roll and cut out of it whatever is offensive to the proud reason or the wayward will of the natural man the Devil will have achieved his greatest triumph.”

(A T Pierson, ed “The Inspired Word”)

Each generation needs to reaffirm afresh the doctrine of Scripture and to revisit our confessional statements that we might be firmly grounded on what it means to hold a biblical doctrine of Scripture.

I don’t read a lot of popular modern theology, for often it is simply a restatement of old truth but in fresh clothing.  While I myself prefer a policy of “ad fontes”, going back to seminal works on biblical inspiration, I recognise the invaluable role that such modern restatements perform for the new generation. 

Being a patriotic Scot I have chosen to turn from my usual parsimonious practice – the old books cost me nothing – and indulge myself in reading Sinclair Ferguson’s new book on Scripture, “From the Mouth of God”.  I am pleased to say he says nothing new; no radical departures from Reformed theology or hip reinterpretations of the doctrine of Scripture.  What he gives is a fresh and vital restatement of these truths and a practical and experiential application of this vital area of Christian doctrine.  I highly commend it.

It seems to be the season for conferences on Scripture. Good!  I have been ploughing my way through numerous addresses by a rich variety of speakers, all sharing a common commitment to the inspiration, author, clarity and power of Scripture.  This is foundational, and I highly recommend the following sources:

“The Bible is the Word of God”, the G3 2015 conference

Clarus 2015, “Assembled Under the Word”

Ligonier, “ Inerrancy and Your Church” 2015 Winter Conference

TeamPyro Conference “Sufficient Fire”

This strange providence of so many organisations pursuing a common theme shows that the doctrine of Scripture, so under attack in neo-evangelicalism, is being boldly reaffirmed. I hope you enjoy some or even all of these addresses.  I can think of fewer wiser investments of our time.

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