Monday, 24 October 2016

The Slide Continues

The Slide Continues

Having departed from the biblical position that marriage is a covenant relationship, exclusively between a man and a woman, and accepted that practicing homosexuals in civil partnerships or gay “marriages” can be ministers, the Church of Scotland has courageously decided to draw a line in the sand. It seems that those who are in relationships that are neither regular marriages, civil partnerships nor gay “marriages” are ineligible for induction to local churches:

It seems that the minister in question is living with a partner but not in either of the approved unbiblical relationships.  There is inconsistency here – both civil partnerships and gay marriages are contrary to Scripture, so why not an irregular relationship.  (The news report does not make clear whether this is a heterosexual or homosexual relationship.) Why are two unbiblical practices approved but a third rejected?

A Church of Scotland spokesman explains, “The Church of Scotland requires its parish ministers to adhere to church common law, tradition and practice.” Noticeably absent is the requirement to adhere to Scripture!

A further question arises.  If the individual is violating church law, tradition, and practice, why does he still hold office in the denomination?  Even by the liberal denomination’s unbiblical standards he is living in fornication. Needless to say there will be no discipline.

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