Sunday, 20 April 2014

Topics in the Psalms

For those of us who are committed to either inclusive or exclusive psalmody, at times we keenly feel the lack of a decent topical index of the psalms.  When preaching on particular themes or topics it would be useful to have a fuller index than is provided in most psalters.

One little known but invaluable resource is “Topics in the Psalms” by Howard Osgood.  Osgood was a much respected, but now almost forgotten Baptist pastor and Old Testament scholar.  He served as professor of Hebrew in Crozer Theological Seminary, 1868-74; and in Rochester Theological Seminary, 1875-1900.

This little work was privately published for the use of his own students.  It is an excellent resource that has immense practical use. As far as I know it was never widely distributed or ever republished.

The image PDF file available at the Internet Archive is searchable. The text file requires a little cleaning up as the OCR software is not perfect.  If I ever get around to doing this I will make the doc file available.

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