Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Why We Can't Pray 
Having some enforced leisure this week I have been listening to David T Gordon's lectures:  
Listening to the lecture on Why Johny Can't Pray was challenging.  In response I give this for our meditation:
Prayer at Lord’s Supper
Dutch Liturgy 1566  (Modernised)
O most merciful God and Father, we implore you, that you will be pleased in this Supper (in which we celebrate the glorious remembrance of the bitter death of your beloved Son Jesus Christ) to work in our hearts through the Holy Spirit
·        That we may daily more and more with true confidence, give ourselves up unto your Son Jesus Christ
·        That our afflicted and contrite hearts, through the power of the Holy Spirit, may be fed and comforted with his true body and blood; yes, with him, true God and man, that only heavenly bread;
·        That we may no longer live in our sins, but he in us, and we in him, and thus truly be made partakers of the new and everlasting covenant of grace.
·        That we may not doubt but you will forever be our gracious Father, nevermore imputing our sins unto us, and providing us with all things necessary, for both the body as the soul, as your beloved children and heirs;
Grant us also your grace, that we may take up our cross cheerfully, deny ourselves, confess our Saviour, and in all tribulations, with uplifted heads expect our Lord Jesus Christ from heaven, where he will transform our lowly body to be like his glorious body, and take us unto him in eternity.

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