Tuesday, 15 December 2015

The Juggernaut Moves


The Juggernaut Moves

No sooner are the Church of Scotland presbytery results announced supporting members and office-bearers in same sex marriage than the denominational juggernaut trundles into action.

Firstly, Covenant Fellowship Scotland are told that they must remove the denominational logo from their website.  They may wish to speak to the denomination, but they cannot be seen as speaking for the denomination.  They comply, and replace the official logo with an older Irish burning bush.

Secondly, Inverness Presbytery had already been told that they cannot dissent from the same sex partnership/marriage legislation. A court of the church cannot dissociate itself from the decision of a higher court it seems.  They comply, and reverse their dissociation, (at least at a presbytery level.)

This would also apply to Kirk Sessions.  Any Kirk Sessions who have informed their congregation of their rejection of the Assembly legislation will presumably have to re-inform them that they cannot, as a Kirk Session, do so.  Will we see liberal presbyteries scour the minutes of evangelical churches to make sure there is compliance?

We already know that the denomination have declared that no congregation can leave the Church of Scotland.  They may do so as an aggregate of individuals, but officially they cannot do so as a congregation.  Their property and money, of course, cannot go with them.

Do not expect an even-handed, gracious response from the denomination.  The liberal progressives have won; there will be no policy of amicable dismissal of congregations, there will be no presbytery no-go areas, there will be no reversal of the anti-biblical moral and doctrinal apostasy.

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