Thursday, 18 June 2015

Streaming Sermons

I can’t say that I would necessarily use the language that Pastor James McConnell used in a public sermon describing Islam as satanic and heathen.  If however we say that it does not come from the God of Truth, it must either come from the mind of man or the mind of a spiritual force beyond man.  Islam would be equally offended by either suggestion.  So too, it seems, is the Public Prosecution Service.  They are bringing a prosecution against Pastor McConnell because his sermon containing these statements was streamed on the Internet.

The PPS say "that the offence was one of sending, or causing to be sent, by means of a public electronic communications network, a message or other matter that was grossly offensive." Free speech is sacrificed to the cause of political correctness.

Does this mean we are free to say things that the Bible says only if it does not cause offence to various groups?  Are we free to preach from or read Romans 1 in church, but not stream or make available the download of the sermon? What if someone comes into our church in order to object to biblical teaching and complain to the police that we are preaching what they find offensive.

The Bible does not speak directly of Islam, but it speaks of other beliefs or behaviours that today are accepted and promoted by a godless, secular society.  The freedom to preach is under threat, as will be the freedom to stream sermons, write blogs and publish webpages.  The new totalitarianism is on the move, and the jackboot of the intolerant toleration of anti-christian secularism will trample all who question the new orthodoxies.

I believe that Muslims need to be saved by faith alone, in Christ alone, by grace alone.  I would not use language in speaking to them that was insulting or designed to inflame religious hatred.  Am I to be permitted to say, “You are wrong – wrong about the Quran, wrong about Mohammed, wrong about salvation.” Indeed, are they to be permitted to say to me, as I am sure they wish to do, “ No; you are wrong – wrong about the Bible, wrong about Christ, wrong about salvation.”

Another thought in the passing – do children attend Pastor McConnell’s church? How long before the State decides that children in such a situation are being abused by being subject to such “grossly offensive” language.  Such children must be taken into protective custody, removed from parents who are defiling their minds, and re-educated in modern British values.

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